gallery Day 5 of My 30 Days Kink

Standard nipple piercings. East Bay CA Deutsch...
Standard nipple piercings. East Bay CA Deutsch: Gepiercte weibliche Brustwarzen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience?  If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

Well, this summer I was able to spend a little one-on-one time with a female “friends w/benefits”…..I’d by lying if I didn’t say it was an AMAZING experience, because it was. I wasn’t able to taste her wonderful pussy that day, due to an act of nature ;). But that really didn’t bother me, because one of the things that I fantasized about the most, was taking her beautiful peach nipples into my mouth…hell, looking at the contrast of her pale mouth wrapped around my nipple was enough to make me wet!!!

But, that’s not the kinky experience that I crave….I CRAVE BEING WITH A DOM!!!!! I want to sit before him on my knees, with the bottoms of my feet touching my ass. I want him to take my head into his hands and turn my face up too look into his eyes. I want to hear him say that the way I presented myself to him was beautiful. Then I want him to lean down and kiss me; I want him to pull me up & place a blindfold type item over my eyes,then lead me to a bench or bed. Then I want him to place me in position to use a flogger on my ass and pussy, sliding his fingers into my wet hole in an unpredictable pattern. I want him to take me right to the precipice of cumming, and then stop touching me completely. Then I want my master to leave me in that position for a few minutes, allowing my mind to wander and imagine all of the things he’s about to do to me, to the body I’m offering up to him to use as he sees fit.

When he slides his finger into my wet hole, I can feel my muscles clench around his fingers. I try to cover my face so he can’t see how embarrassed I am about being so wet. Then as he’s shoving more fingers in and out of my juices, he tells me not to be embarrassed because he loves the gift that I’m giving to him. He can tell that I’m holding back,trying not to cum. As he leans down to nip my neck, he whispers into my ear that he knows what I’m trying to do, but I need to be prepared because he’s going to have me screaming his name when he makes me cum in a few minutes



  1. You’ve touched on a good point. There is a difference between the offer of submission and kinky sex. Offering submission can include kinky sex, but kinky sex certainly doesn’t need to include submission… it’s the square and rectangle thing. 🙂 Nice post.


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