So I noticed the hate on you and rascal problems but really your in the right. and I just have to say that there is a difference between Black people who are kind and good people who have manners and such. And Hood rats who don’t have manners and treat others like shit because they think they are better then everyone and that goes for braking laws and killing others. White people can be the same but our hood rats can be what people call trailer trash.


Thank u!!! Bless u!!! This is wut i ment!!!

No, really you and your commenter are both racist assholes. See here’s the truth, if I don’t like someone it’s because of the way they treat me. That doesn’t have anything to do with a person’s skin color. Like I think you’re a dumb cunt, but it doesn’t have anything to do with your color. It’s because you make fucked up racist statements. FYI—-any time you have to say I’m not a racist, or I have (insert color) friends, your statement is racist


Give it to me

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