#SaveOurKids (2/4/15): Meet Jessie. Jessie was an unarmed 17-year old queer non-binary Latin@ gunned down after going on a joyride with friends in Denver. Police originally claimed that she had attempted to hit them with the vehicle, which is why they open fire on her. Witnesses, including the 5 other passengers in the vehicle (which the police showed no regard for when they shot into the car) refute this claim. Jessie was shot 18 timesincluding once in the neck, which is when witnesses said she lost control and hit one of the officers in the leg. The officer suffered a minor fracture. Officer’s then proceeded to yank Jesse’s lifeless body out of the car and search her rather than call for emergency services. Many will tell you Jessie deserved to die for stealing a car, just like Mike deserved to die for stealing cigarillos. The truth is that these kids died because the officers saw no value in their life. We know different— we know better. Rest in power, Jessie. We fight for you now too. #staywoke #farfromover

GoFundMe for Jessie’s Funeral Expenses

Full Statement from Jessie’s Family


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