im watching the nightly show where they talk about political correctness and freedom of speech. and its pissing me off. people are saying “oh well I cant say _______ without backlash like I used to” and its like, yeah you fuckin cant because those people it was used against have voices now. youre literally complaining about people exercising *their* freedom of speech just because you cant say offensive words anymore. like, your freedom of speech is still there but now youre suffering the consequences of being a prick.

THANK YOU!!! I had some guy accuse me of playing the race card, when I said something needs to be done about the brutality that’s been taking place against ALL people. So, I said, “Yeah, I’m a racist! I’m for all members of the HUMAN race to be treated humanely. And I’m pissed cause at the monthly black folks meetings we have, I never got my race card.”


Give it to me

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