My ‘Galaxy Girl’ starter pack. ANYONE can enter! (galaxy girl just has a nice ring to it)

includes: galaxy leggings pictured, size fits s-m(sorry, it’s the only size I have) fairy lights: LED 10m, 100 lights string, ten different settings including flashing(epileptic warning), pictured is purple but you can choose any color three 90’s tattoo chokers, your choice of colors (no clasp) my one of a kind holographic UFO ‘I want to believe’ pendant with matching planet earrings (can be on one of the chokers, would look good on a clear one imo) galaxy chic eyeshadow palette

(all items I’ve obtained/will obtain from eBay except my holo jewelry and the shadow palette which is available here)

(if you win but don’t want something here, just tell me! i’ll leave it out for you no questions asked)

rules:do not tag as ‘giveaway’ ★don’t remove text ★reblog once per day, no giveaway blogs ★mbf kosmik-kiko ★ends april 4th (date of a total lunar eclipse) ★must have parental permission to give out address if under 18 ★world wide

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! Good luck and say cosmic!


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