Going to Wal-Mart is not a trip that usually ends in tears, unless it’s Black Friday–then all bets are off.

I live in a town where I am one of a handful of people with an awesome natural tan. Honestly, there are times when I’ve thought I must have a label saying Ebola, and that’s why people stared at me so much. I normally feel really self conscious, especially when I’m using an electric cart.

I’d made it through the trip virtually unscathed, and made me way to the checkout lane. I freak out every time I get to the cashier, and normally say something along the lines of: please, please let me have enough. I could have a billion dollars and I’d still go through this routine.

Unfortunately, when I was getting everything ready to pay for everything when I realized my bank card in my purse. Then I remembered that my friend had used it at the gas station, so I asked her for it. The thing that annoyed the fuck out of me, was her trying to push it off on me. I basically have a photographic memory and I literally described everything that occurred with regards to my car.

I was freaked out, and trying to figure out what to keep. I thought I might have enough cash to cover it. I was waiting to see if my friend was going to volunteer to go get my card from her house.  NOPE, nada, zip, zilch….at this point I was started to get a little upset. 

Then one of the most humbling events in my life occurred: the woman behind me told the cashier not to put anything back, that she would cover what I didn’t have. I literally burst into tears, and began to thank her profusely.






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