What Being a Little Means to Me


I identify as a babygirl (and for the sake of this post the term babygirl is used to describe all littles, it’s easier for me because it’s what I am), some people consider this a type of submissive & others consider it a part of a person’s makeup….and yes, there are men who fit this category but are referred to in a masculine form. I would like to take a moment to say, that this Isn’t a form of incest . The participants in this type of relationship don’t have any biological relationship to one another, even though terms like Papa & Daddy are used.

There is also a fetish called Age play, and the participants are also not biologically related to one another. A person who is an age player takes on a role and remains in that role for a specific time period. For example, the whole teacher/naughty student role play would fall under this category, and can often be performed as part of a scene.


Babygirls can be of any age, but it is a built in part of that person’s makeup & isn’t a role that is played during a set period of time. People that fall into this category have a natural tendency to behave in a certain age range, and isn’t something that is turned on & off. This doesn’t mean that a person is this category ALWAYS behaves in a younger manner; as an adult there are times when you must behave in an adult manner, you can’t choose to act like a brat if you’re the person responsible for piloting a plane. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have cute Hello Kitty undies beneath your uniform.
A babygirl can’t usually allow that side to be shown to just anyone, it has to be someone who they trust to love & protect them. I know I can’t speak freely to just anyone, I have to trust them before I allow them to see the vulnerable side of me. I personally, think that there is a difference between the way a Daddy/Mom (i would normally have said dominant, but I’ve also learned it is possible to be a babygirl & not be a submissive). I’ve found that persons who fill the Daddy/Mommy role, are more concerned with how their partner is doing. They want to ensure that it’s a relationship that will help their partner grow, and also provide them with the extra care and attention they need.



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