Live Your Truth

Tonight, I saw something in a group chat where people were saying a submissive can ONLY have one Dom. I’m here to say that is simply not true. For one, I exist. I have a Papa & a Daddy Dom. I understand that my situation is rare. But, if I sat back & only did what other people say is possible, then my ass would probably be a quadriplegic still. I’ve never let anyone crush my dreams, and neither should anyone else. There is more than one way to live this Lifestyle. I choose to live it in a way that allows me to show all the love that’s in my heart, and the kinky stuff in my body. It’s not my place to tell other people how to live. I just offer this advice: be true to yourself, and what’s at the core of you’re being. There are always gonna be people that talk about you, judge you, and tell you that you’re wrong. Hopefully, you’ll find a person (s) that make you happy enough not to give a Fuck about what other people say. 

Peace, Love & Happiness 😘😸



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