First Time

Japan), that I wasn’t with my husband or talking to him. He officially started staying at his place on Friday, and honestly, I felt kinda lost for part of the time. I started to doubt myself &began to question if … Continue reading

Phoenix Rising…I hope ;)


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I’m sure most of you knew that a divorce was in my future, surprisingly from my perspective it didn’t really have anything to do with my need/desire to incorporate BDSM into my life. My husband and I grew apart. He … Continue reading

Rough Surrender by Cari Silverwood


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Title: Rough Surrender Author: Cari Silverwood Genre: BDSM, Historical Romance/Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Publisher: Lyrical Press Ebook Words: 78,000 Purchase: ARe | Amazon | B&N | Book Description: At a time when airplanes are as new-fangled and sensational as the … Continue reading

My Thoughts From Last Year’s 10th Anniversary of 9/11

On this, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I remember where I was that day and the events that occurred in the days immediately following it. I’m sure that every other American who was alive that day (and who was old … Continue reading

Heart Stopping Orgasm in Under 200 Words

  Heart Stopping Orgasm  By BlackHippieChick Summer looks up at Sir, and feels the wetness spread between her legs. She looks back down at the floor, but not before he sees the flush of her cheeks. Sir knows her well; … Continue reading



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Okay, I’m putting it all out there at you’re finger tips….What are your views on discussing this w/your children? Should you discuss with them, if so, when’s the right age? I’m asking because I was told my discussion with my … Continue reading

SAVING sunni by Kasi & Reggie Alexander

A Bi-Submissive's Journey in the Vanilla World:

This looks like an interesting book for all my Kinky friends ;)

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Jessie Chambers—“Sunni” to the local BDSM community—needs to grow up. Her master, Sir Rune, has told her to get a job. Her sister slave sage is struggling through college, serious as ever. Sunni goes to the local goth/kink store, The Fringe Element, and is immediately embraced by its quirky owner as the newest member of her “little family.” But almost immediately things start to get complicated. Sunni’s ex shows up, claiming he’s found God and that God wants them to get back together. A video of Sunni and Sir Rune doing a scene at the club winds up on television and all kinds of trouble ensues. Sunni must figure out a way to restore her relationships, keep her master from getting deported, take over running the store, and stop everybody else from trying to “save Sunni.”


Saving sunni
by Kasi Alexander and Reggie Alexander

Chapter 1

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The Curse & Blessing of Technology


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Last night, I received an email from my uncle informing me that my grandmother had a massive stroke. She is in ICU and at the time they weren’t sure if they were going to remove her breathing tube. The news … Continue reading

A Bi-Submissive's Journey in the Vanilla World:

This Bdsm, Ménage book looks pretty hot!

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Thank you so much for letting me gatecrash your blog Ms Chick!

What makes you ‘you’?

It’s strange but when I’m writing I have an absolute intimate knowledge of my characters but when I’m asked to describe them – perhaps to inform the cover artist, blog or potential reader, I have no idea what they look like. Not really – is that odd? I know them, I feel them, I feel for them, I know what they’re thinking and how they interact and experience their world, but I couldn’t tell you if they have brown eyes or green eyes, long hair or short, I don’t even know how tall they are. I find this odd because my imagination is extremely visual – when I write a chapter I am writing it from an actual scene playing out in my head like a film which I have to translate into words…

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